Transitions, vol. 52, n° 2

Transitions, vol. 52, n° 2
The Post-Yugoslav Space. Politics and Economics, edited by Barbara Delcourt and Klaus-Gerd Giesen


  • Introduction – Barbara Delcourt & Klaus-Gerd Giesen
  • Yugoslavia in Western Nation-Building Strategy A Historical Perspective – Kees van der Pijl
  • State Borders, Symbolic Boundaries and Contested. Geographical Space Citizenship Struggles in Kosovo – Gëzim Krasniqi
  • Linguistic Politics in Ex-Yugoslavia. The Case of Purism in Croatia – Tea Pršir
  • Economic Wheels of Transition. Yugoslav Space 20 Years on – Miroslava Filipovic
  • Post-Yugoslav Sovereignties, Rentier Capitalism, and The European Economic Crisis – Klaus-Gerd Giesen
  • ‘Truth and Reconciliation’. A New Political Subjectivity for Post-Yugoslavs? – Slobodan Karamanic