Transitions, vol. 53, n° 1 & 2

Transitions, vol. 53, n° 1 & 2
Sibiu - Les mutations identitaires d'une région d'Europe centrale
  • Stratégies de reconstruction des identités sociales et politiques dans une région d’Europe centrale. Une introduction – Dragos Dragoman & Andreea Zamfira
  • The Evolution of the Religious Landscape of the City of Sibiu. Negotiated Spaces and the Identity of a European City – Iuliana Conovici & Tiberiu Cristian Clujeanu
  • Carl Wolff and Co-Operative Conceptions in the Regional Development of Transylvania – Gerhard Michael Ambrosi
  • Whose House Is This ? Ethnicity and Houses in Contested Rural Areas – Szilárd-István Pap
  • Contesting and Contested Narratives in Heritage-Making Stories of the Fortified Church of Câlnic, Transylvania – Cristina Golomoz
  • Cultural Consumption and Identity Building. The Case of Young People in Sibiu – Sabina Adina Luca
  • The Success of the German Democratic Forum in Sibiu Non-ethnic Voting, Political Neutrality and Economic Performance – Dragos Dragoman
  • Le rôle de la solidarité ethnique aux élections locales de Sibiu – Andreea Zamfira
  • Do Spatial Disparities Matter ? The Geography of the Voter Turnout at General Elections in Sibiu County – Aurelian Giugal & Ionut Ciobanu