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"Dr. Giulia Sandri is Associate Professor of Political Science at the European School of Political Science of the Catholic University of Lille (http://www.espol-lille.eu/) and associate research fellow (collaborateur scientifique) at CEVIPOL. Giulia holds a PhD in Political Science from the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). She previously worked as Research Fellow at Christ Church and at the Department of Politics and International Relations of the University of Oxford. Se also worked as research assistant on different research projects at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) and then at ULB (mainly on political participation, representation and also on sub-national democracy in the European Union). She recently published in Politics and Policy, Acta Politica, Comparative European Politics, Religion, State and Society, Ethnopolitics, Italian Political Science Review and Regional and Federal Studies. She also recently published an edited book, co-edited with Fulvio Venturino and Antonella Seddone, on 'Party primaries in Comparative Perspective', Farnham, Ashgate.
Her doctoral dissertation, directed by Prof. Pascal Delwit and entitled “Intra-party democracy and political activism: a comparative analysis of attitudes and behaviors of grass-roots party members”, analyzed the impact of perceived roles and party organizational changes on members’ internal mobilization, loyalty and political attitudes through original survey data in three parties (UK Labour party, Belgian Socialist party and Italian Democratic party).

She is collaborating, since 2007, to the research project “PARTIREP - Changing Patterns of Participation and Representation in Contemporary Democracies” (www.partirep.eu) directed by Prof. Kris Deschouwer (VUB, Belgium).  She is also currently collaborating to other research projects, among which the international project “MAPP – Members and Activists of Political Parties”, (http://www.projectmapp.eu/) coordinated by Emilie van Haute (ULB) on cross-national comparative surveys on party members. She is also collaborating with the Standing Group on Candidate and Leadership Selection of the Italian Political Science Association (http://www.candidateandleaderselection.eu/) to the systematic data collection on national, regional and local primary elections in Italy (surveys, focus groups and aggregate electoral data). Her main research interests are party politics, primary elections, political behavior, and quality of democracy, ethno-regional parties and regional elections.

She is also co-convenor of the "Primaries In Comparative Perspective" research network, which is supported by the ECPR Standing Group on Political Parties (coordinated by Prof. Richard Luther): http://ecprsgpp.wordpress.com/current-major-projects/ . She is currently working on a comparative  research project on the consequences of primary elections in Europe."

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