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Maria Jimena SANHUEZA

Doctorante Chercheur
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Université libre de Bruxelles
Campus du Solbosch

44, Avenue Jeanne - 1050 Bruxelles
Bâtiment S, 11ème étage, bureau S11. 127

T: +32 (0) 2650 3047


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  • Département de Science politique
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  • Centre d'étude de la vie politique
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I am at present 1st year PhD Researcher at the Centre d'Etudes de la Vie Politique. I am ssociated to three different projects whose aim is to study the Belgian democractic crisis in electoral period: Reforming Representative Democracy (FNRS), Cure or Curse (FNRS) and Representation and Democratic Resentment (EoS-FNRS). Before joining CEVIPOL, I worked as research assistant for the EU-HORIZON 2020 project TransSol in Sciences Po Paris. Also, I was research assistant for the European-funded project Pathways to Power and to Prof. Sigman at the Naval Postgraduate Institute, where I investigated representation and democracy in European and African contexts. I  also collaborated with the Electoral Compass for the 2017 French elections (Sciences Po, Paris).  Earlier, I was project manager within Academics Stand Against Poverty and external consultant for Lawyers Without Borders. 


Preliminary Title: What do Belgians expect? Democratic ideals in times of crisis

Outline: Past and recent research has confirmed that ideal conceptions have an influence on citizens’ actual perception of politicians, institutions and the State. Previous findings demonstrated for instance that people evaluate democracies and politicians based on prior and implicit expectations. Building further on this ongoing debate, my dissertation proposes to ask Belgian citizens what democracy should be like according to their opinion. By doing so, the study takes a stand that the investigation of views and conceptions of democracy could be foreseen as one possible explanation of the democratic deficit in Belgium.

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Areas of research : representation, citizenship, political behaviour, Belgium, democracy.